You may also have to assume responsibilities or obligations in your domestic life which becomes a personal burden or hardship. Deep thinking and reflecting on past matters may characterize this time period. The increased tension and stress that you experience now can be relieved through massage, stretching, or outdoor exercises. Do not let opportunities pass you by. Others seem less superficial and irresponsible to you, and you feel greater respect for them. Cooperation and successful collaboration in the business and professional world are highlighted now. This is a good time to concentrate on tasks and organize affairs in both your personal life and your career. You feel like others do not really understand you and do not cooperate with you, and that to do anything right, you have to do it yourself. The work you do now is appreciated by others, but the greatest benefits will be reaped much further in the future, when the progress you make now will help fortify your position in the world and strengthen your assets and resources. The aspect was exact from 2012 to March 2015. If you are a religious person, you may have the sobering realization of inconsistencies in your spiritual philosophy or hypocrisies within the church. To heal, you need to draw on the whole chart – your whole being – but the experience will be focused through your Chiron placement. The Chiron Cycle reveals how you grow towards wholeness and individuation by finding the gifts hidden within your wounds. You may reach a kind of identity crisis as you question the value of your deepest ambitions. If you take advantage of this time period, you can increase your mental discipline and receive training and experience that will benefit you immensely in the long run. I had this sextile when I was 36 and it was a mixed experience, possibly because it coincided with my Pluto square to itself. But Saturn also represents our … She says: “Individuals who experience their first Chiron square before age 12 are systemically mystical, and they are so in touch with the other realms that they have severe boundary problems – difficulty knowing what is ‘self’ and what is ‘other’. Some people experience this astrological influence as a discontent with life, moodiness, and depressed feelings with no apparent cause. Experiences at this time reinforce your original wound but you might not fully understand the deeper meaning. If you are involved in any legal disputes or involvements with government agencies, this is a time when a successful resolution can be reached. Contact with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are felt over longer periods. You urgently feel the need to get back on track. You would also do well in communications and negotiations with others, as your wisdom, enlightenment, and foresight is likely to be taken into consideration. This could also be a time of solitude, heavy reflection on past matters or, in extreme cases, having to deal with a loss or separation in your personal life. A serious loss of confidence can occur. During the last transit through Taurus, Chiron was leaving Uranus' orbit and heading back to cross into Saturn's orbit. Many of the obstacles you face now, although perhaps not obvious to you, test you to see what you really want to do with your life, and you need to focus your energies on the kind of work that is most meaningful to you and cut out anything superfluous. You may have a change of job, relationship, or residence. An opportunity may come to you, or you may become aware of an alternative route to reaching your goals. Certainly your patience and stamina will be tested. Mutual understanding and cooperation on topics of importance make you feel very close. The hungry horse may get overlooked, or even despised, but he is in your stable for a reason. Your faith in your own mental or creative capabilities may be tested now, and you might feel less secure about your ambitions and objectives. You may decide to concentrate more on service-oriented goals rather than on more personally rewarding or selfish goals, which is a positive potential of this astrological influence. You are very clear about what your career goals are at this time. Reviewing your old habits and traditions gives you an opportunity to make needed changes that bring greater work efficiency and helps you execute your career goals and plans. This is a good time to abolish old fears, childhood wounds, or painful experiences which stand in the way of personal happiness. 16 people love it! Chiron can also cause physical illness through transit, often sparking an acute health crisis or surgery though these are usually not long term. The key issues for this time period are frustration, confinement, and rebellion. You may decide to paint, rearrange furniture, buy some new clothes, etc., all of which will be done in good taste and work out nicely and prove to be good investments. This is a good time to reassess how you are living your life and begin to realize yourself and your true purpose and joy in life. Your home life and sense of personal security are threatened or undergo a critical change at this time. You may decide to move from the area that you have lived in for some time, or you may stop attending a group function that you have been a part of for a long time. Mars conjunct Saturn Natal. This astrological influence is not particularly motivating, and you may fail to fully utilize the increased sensitivity and awareness that is available to you. You are particularly well-organized now and your domestic life is harmonious. You are faced with new obstacles that make you reconsider the direction of your work and career. It is one of the most important transits in astrology and an important milestone in life.Your first Saturn return at age 29.5 is a coming of maturity but sometimes felt as a mid-life crisis. In one way or another, your work is affected by a change in responsibilities and a change in relationships with others. You seek more mature and serious attachments and are less inclined to remain in a relationship which lacks commitment, loyalty, and trust. Quiet times of relaxation, long walks, and meditation can be very helpful now. Your work is cut out for you, and you simply must do your best despite the circumstances. Confront others when necessary and bring the issues to the forefront, but do it in a way that invites others to debate the issues and address them intelligently. Affectionate relating may be reduced or cooled down altogether, due to feelings of dissatisfaction or discord in the relationship. Inner strength and greater self-respect can get you through any difficulties and dilemmas you may experience during this period. So if you haven’t done that until now, this could be when you become aware of how you’ve betrayed your own soul. Sorrow internally. Such a decision usually works out exceptionally well in the long run as long as you can continue your dedication to this pursuit during the long phase of training required to develop expertise. Dwelling on past mistakes, fears, and failures could prevent you from taking a new direction as far as your ambitions and objectives are concerned. but what happens during this transit is essential for what comes when Saturn crosses your descendant. You are likely to discover flaws in your creative projects, neglected aspects of projects you are involved with, and tedious, detailed work that you have been putting off. Your approach is well-organized, clearly structured, very matter-of-fact and not very intuitive. This helps you to accept your shadow, balance the opposites within and start to become whole. These are wise and sound decisions that will provide security for the future. Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Chiron Deep thinking and reflecting on past matters may characterize this time period. You want others to think of you differently, and these changes can be effective in helping you better express your current feelings and interests. Weak points in your relationships to others reveal themselves, and you find out that others often are not there to help you when you need them most. Avoid associations with individuals who may try to dominate or restrict you later. Transiting Saturn opposite Natal Midheaven. If you spread yourself too thin, the accompanying stress makes you feel very tired and susceptible to illness. The progress you make now is based on the skills and talents that you have developed. If you are able to meet the demands placed on you now, you may be able to complete a task that has been hanging over your head for a long time, and you may receive recognition and appreciation from others. Although the opportunity may present itself, you may turn it down. Chiron is in relationship to the seven-year Uranus cycle which contains a Saturn square to Saturn within each seven-year Uranian sign transit. You have a greater rapport with others now, especially on issues that deeply concern you. You also discover some “real friends” who take an interest in your deeper concerns and interests. Saturn Transits to Other Natal Points. Rummage in the archives here or explore my books. Use this opportunity for accomplishing practical tasks and achieving concrete results. Chiron is in relationship to the seven-year Uranus cycle which contains a Saturn square to Saturn within each seven-year … If you are responsible, dedicated, reliable, and have a strong sense of self-integrity and appreciation of others’ unique qualities, then such problems are not likely to arise. During this period you may learn more efficient ways to nurture, educate, heal, and comfort a mate, child, parent, or some other person who means a great deal to you. 1 thought on “Chiron Transit to Mars” carmen maria anhorn says: January 17, 2017 at 8:43 am Hallo, i was reading about the aspect Mars Conjunction Chitron. In this case, the need for loosening up is critically important. Venus/Saturn is also a weak square to Neptune still. Take advantage of opportunities to attend inspiring workshops. You tend to feel eccentric and apart from the mainstream now, and you tend to react with hostility and anger to the frustrations you encounter. It is better for you to think, analyze, and absorb rather than speak. Obstacles are encountered not only in the outer world but within yourself as well. A conjunction can show a period where you can be extremely driven to focus on your wounds and baggage, and the more you do, the more energy you can have (whereas if … You must come to grips with what you really want in a relationship and whether the relationship you are in is right for you. During this time, mediocrity and lukewarm conditions are detestable! It’s an opportunity for further healing and can be a creative time, but it depends on how the previous transits have gone and how aware you are of yourself as an individual. This is a difficult time when pressures and demands can lead to considerable stress. A brief overview of how you are ready to grow in 2020 and beyond as we look at the energies of the Jupiter, Saturn, and Chiron. The areas of your life that are affected also include personal issues. Teamwork and coordinated effort is indicated. If you are unattached, you may develop a friendship with someone which grows into a strong love or you may begin a significant love relationship during this period. Errors or mistakes in judgment become evident or noticeable during this time. Tedious, monotonous, or burdensome tasks and responsibilities cause strain and stress on your mental and creative resources. Developments in your business or profession are positive now, and you may receive a new insurance policy, greater job security, or other benefit that ensures a stable, solid foundation for you and your family. One person I know finally moved out of his parents house at age 31 when Saturn hit his 4th House. Use a more tactful, constructive approach and seek ways to do the things that you want to do without attracting even greater opposite Natal to yourself. Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Ascendant. In addition, some alliances will be restructured and improved, or you may experience a separation or loss of a significant relationship in your life. Peace can be brought about between conservative and liberal factions at this time. The shared interests are very long-lasting, there is mutual respect and regard for each as individuals, and both parties are committed to assisting one another. This is a time for strengthening existing relationships and important associations in your life. Take full advantage of the opportunity and apply yourself energetically. This contract or agreement will work out very well as it is based on sound principles and a well-established foundation. At this time losses, burdens, cumbersome responsibilities, and/or an overall sense of struggle weighs you down considerably. Barbara Hand Clow says the Chiron Cycle shows the timing of the awakening process as it unfolds in your life. It is located between Saturn and Uranus. Welcome to my ramblings along the spiritual path. Your personality and attitude towards life undergoes some changes now. This astrological influence is not of dramatic proportions so do not expect a major change in your life, but you can expect your life to take a solid, even if modest, step in the right direction. This is a good time to bring about increased harmony and cooperation in any organization, club, or business of which you are a part. You may doubt whether you should continue with your plans or whether to abandon them. You are also acutely aware of others’ possible criticism or rejection but are very likely exaggerating it! Chiron takes about 50 years to make one complete cycle through all the signs of the zodiac. This time period is characterized by feelings of being restricted, blocked, or delayed, and great patience and endurance will be required of you. Now you must learn to let the other person express his/her nature more fully, and you must adjust to it. Relationships with parents and elders are rewarding and offer you important lessons in life at this time. Chiron rules the process of complete letting go of old forms so that new and vital birth can occur. You are also able to perfect a technique, such as would be used in a trade, craft, or artistic endeavor. As we know from science, everything is completely new in the human body every seven years; every cell is new. Take advantage of this time to let your creative talents reach new levels. However, do not allow yourself to become morbid and despairing. You need a sense of order, control, and stability in your closest personal relationships, as well as in your home and career. Horoscope: January 20, 2025 12:00 pm est Capitol Building Washington DC; Hour of Venus (@17Pis38 conjunct Saturn in 11th house of Groups and Associations: discontent? You may find yourself swinging between doubt and a rather self-righteous, rigid, and dogmatic adherence to a philosophical or religious belief system. You may feel that the demands and pressures placed upon you by loved ones are unreasonable or unfair and you are left to your own resources to deal with the situation. If you’d like to support my work and help to keep this site ad free, you can PayPal Me or donate below. In this series we’re exploring how Chiron initiates you onto the path of individuation through a process of wounding and healing that unfolds in stages. Partnership issues, mainly marital or romantic, are apt to demand your attention at this time. Problems with a parental or father figure might have you dealing with old, painful issues which resurface now. If you are involved in an artistic, literary, or spiritual area, the effect is most obvious, but an imaginative or exotic flourish can enter into your cooking, home decor, and other areas of life that may usually lack creativity and imagination. Seeking private time to carefully weigh important decisions or finding it necessary to work in solitude on specific tasks and projects may also characterize this time frame. This is a positive and fortunate time for business pursuits and career goals. It is likely that your responsibilities will increase, and you will need to focus more on the nitty-gritty, detailed work that is required. An opportunity may come to you, or you may become aware of an alternative route to reaching your goals. You are able to work long hours now without the usual stress or fatigue that would accompany prolonged effort. Your daily life and activities run smoothly and everything is in good working order. Gambling or risky ventures are not affected. Taking responsibilities and obligations with a more serious and mature attitude helps you learn and grow at this time. You can stabilize and strengthen a position in life that will remain suitable for you for many years to come.